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Other Publications

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Found here are some of the more significant publications involving my work over more than 20 years in academia.  Full citations can be found on my CV. They are organized into sections as follows:

Identity and Stroke

2023. Using bibliotherapy to rebuild identity for people with aphasia: A book club experience. With Hoover, E., Bernstein-Ellis, E. Journal of Communication Disorders, 105, 106363.

2020. There’s More to Stroke Recovery than Urgent Care and Rehab. World Neurosurgery, 134, 652-653.

Gender and Culture

2010. An Organizational Approach to Undoing Gender: The Unlikely Case of Offshore Oil Platforms. With R. Ely.  Research in Organizational Behavior, A. Brief and B. Staw (eds.), Elsevier (Annual volume - reviewed).

2008. Unmasking Manly Men.  With R. Ely.  Harvard Business Review, July-August, Centennial Edition.   

2007. Disrupting Gender, Revising Leadership. With Meyerson, D. R. Ely, & L. Wernick. In B. Kellerman and D. Rhode (eds.), Gender and Leadership: The State of Play and Strategies for Change, 453-474, San Francisco: Jossey Bass.

2006. Rethinking Political Correctness. With R. Ely and M. Davidson.  Harvard Business Review, 84, no 9, 78-87.  

2006. Gender Inequity and the Process of Change.  With J. Martin. Handbook of the New and Emerging in Management and Organization, D. Barry and H. Hansen (eds.), Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

2003. Making Change: A Framework for Promoting Gender Equity in Organizations.  With D. Kolb, J. Fletcher, D. Meyerson, D. Merrill-Sands, and R. Ely.  Chapter in R. Ely, E. Foldy, and M. Scully (eds.), Reader in Gender, Work, and Organization, 10-15, Malden, MA: Blackwell.

2003.  Organizational Change and Intervention.  With R. Ely.  Chapter in R. Ely, E. Foldy, and M. Scully (eds.), Reader in Gender, Work, and Organization, 22-239, Malden, MA: Blackwell.

2002. Women and Leadership: The Difference Difference Makes. With R. Ely.  Chapter In D. Rhode (ed.), The Difference Difference Makes: Women, Leadership and the Law, Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press.

2000. A Modest Manifesto for Shattering the Glass Ceiling. With J. Fletcher.  Harvard Business Review, 78, 126-138.     

2000. Moving Out of the ‘Armchair’: Developing a Framework to Bridge the Gap between Feminist Theory and Practice.  With D. Kolb.  Organization, 7, 553-571.

2000.  Advancing Gender Equity in Organizations: The Challenge and Importance of Maintaining a Gender Narrative.  With R. Ely.  Organization, 7, 589-608.

2000.  Theories of Gender in Organizations: A New Approach to Organizational Analysis and Change. With R. Ely.  Chapter in B. Staw and R. Sutton (eds.), Research in Organizational Behavior, 102-152, Greenwich: CT: JAI Press.

2000.   Advancing Gender Equity in Organizations: The Challenge and Importance of Maintaining a Gender Narrative. With R. Ely.  Organization, 7, 589-608.

1998.  Feeling Stressed and Burned Out: A Feminist Reading and Revision of Stress-based Emotions. Organization Science, 9, 103-118.

1994. Stress in Institutions: The Cultural Production of Ambiguity and Burnout.  Administrative Science Quarterly, 39, 628-653.

1988.  Organizational Cultures and the Denial, Channeling, and Acknowledgement of Ambiguity.  With J. Martin.  Chapter in L. Pondy, R. Boland, and H. Thomas (eds.), Managing Ambiguity and Change, 93-125,  New York: Wiley.

1987.  Culture Change: An Integration of Three Different Views. With J. Martin.  Journal of Management Studies, 24, 623-647.

Philanthropy and Charter Schools

2016. Getting to Scale: Ideas, Opportunities, and Resources in the Early Diffusion of the Charter Management Organization, 1999–2006. With Quinn, R., Oelberger, C. Teachers College Record, 118(9).

2014. Beyond Grantmaking: Philanthropic Foundations as Agents of Change and Institutional Entrepreneurs. With Quinn, R., Tompkins-Stange, M. Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, 43(6), 950–68.

2012. Power beyond the Purse: Philanthropic Foundations as Agents of Change in the California Charter School Movement.  With L. Wernick.  Chapter in J. Dutton and K. Golden-Biddle,  Exploring Positive  Social Change and Organizations: Building a Theoretical and Research Foundation.  Routledge, Taylor, & Francis Group. Florence, Kentucky.

2010. Organization and Social Movement Implications of Going to Scale: Lessons from Charter Schools.  With A. Berger and R. Quinn.  Chapter in Scaling Social Impact: New Thinking, P. Bloom, G. Dees, and E. Skloot (eds.). New York: Palgrave Macmillan.


2009.  Preparing School Leaders for a Changing World.  With L. Darling-Hammond, M. LaPointe and T. Orr.  San Francisco: Jossey Bass.

2007. Preparing Leaders for a Changing World:  Case Studies of Exemplary Programs.  With L. Darling-Hammonds, M. Lapointe and T. Orr.  Stanford Educational Leadership Institute Monograph, commissioned by Wallace Foundation.

2005. Developing Successful Principals: A Review of the Research.  With S. Davis and L. Darling-Hammond.   Stanford Educational Leadership Institute, commissioned by Wallace Foundation.


2011. Email as Symbol and Source of Stress.  With S. Barley and S. Grodahl. Organization Science.  Volume 22, Issue 4, July-August 2011, pp. 887-906.

1994. Stress in Institutions: The Cultural Production of Ambiguity and Burnout.   Administrative Science Quarterly, 39, 628-653.